Some of the most expensive replacement and repair costs in a home or commercial building are directly related to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. One furnace repair, for example, can cost three or four hundred dollars, depending on the problem. Replacing an air conditioning system can cost a business thousands of dollars. There will be situations where expensive repairs or replacements can not be avoided, but there are a few things owners can do to help keep costs down.

Programmed thermostats can be installed to lower and raise the temperature based on the use by building occupants. If a business is only opened during the week, the thermostat can lower the heating during evenings and weekends. Programming the thermostat eliminates the possibility of the last person out of the building forgetting to turn down the heat. That will save money for the business and reduce wear and tear on the heating system. Homeowners can program the thermostat to lower at night when everyone is sleeping. The same concept works well for cooling systems.

Basic maintenance, such as vacuuming around blowers of a forced-air heating system and replacing filters on air conditioners, can be done by the owner. Seasonal and preventative maintenance should be conducted by a professional Edmonton HVAC Company to ensure heating and cooling systems are operating efficiently. Most experienced companies, such as Canuck Plumbing Heating, for example, offer low-rate maintenance plans for customer convenience. Seasonal tasks completed include checking thermostat settings, inspecting electrical connections and condensation drains, and lubricating moving parts. Exhaust outlets, gas lines, and gas connections are inspected on furnaces. Cooling units have refrigerant levels checked, and cleaning is done for coils, blowers, and system components.

The purpose of any maintenance plan is allow technicians to alert owners to any issues while they are minor. Minor repairs are quicker, easier, and much less expensive to complete. Minor repairs and routine maintenance are the best ways to keep HVAC costs down. Depending on the company, plan members are offered discounted rates on parts and labor for Edmonton Furnace Repair.

Be sure to check with a few companies to determine the costs and benefits of maintenance plans before deciding which one to purchase. If not on a maintenance plan, customers can keep costs down by calling for repairs as soon as problems are noticed rather than waiting. Most problems with heating systems, for example, are minor at first but will get worse if left unchecked. A thermostat malfunction is easy to fix but may lead to major repairs or a total replacement if not fixed early.